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<--- Tattoos & Piercings by Conor

Conor has been tattooing for over 10 years. He is very detailed oriented, takes great pride in his line work and is well rounded in many different styles of tattooing, from small plumeria/ hibiscus flowers, animals, anime, black and grey, full color, new school comic style, to full sleeves and custom back pieces.

 Conor is a master piercer and has been piercing for over 20 years. He does all types of piercings from simple facial/navel to more complicated micro dermal, surface, and genital piercings. if you got it he can pierce it. 

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<---- Tattoos by H

H is known for his clean lines and soft shading his passion has always been in drawing and sketching leading him into tattooing about 14 years ago. He enjoys doing everything from traditional Japanese, black and grey, sea animals, fantasy, custom design work. He's best known for his vibrant colors and realistic style.